Dancing In His Presence...But Why Flags?

Precious Word Publications

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"Dancing In His Presence...But Why Flags?" gives insight to the purpose and power of the flags as they are used in worship unto the Lord, and in spiritual warfare. Elder Betty Harp has gone beyond the initial understanding that it is scriptural to dance in God's Presence, but she has provided scriptural reference to the use of flags in God's Presence, and why. As you read "Dancing in His Presence... But Why Flags?," you will discover how Webster references biblical truths when defining the word "flag", and then ultimately how the scriptures reveal that the flags point us to Jesus Christ, to the Cross of Christ, and to the victory that Jesus won at Calvary's Cross. "Dancing In His Presence...But Why Flags?" will give you a greater appreciation for the use of flags. It will make you want to start flagging and never stop.